Hello again,

I found something that I just have to share with all of you! Baby Bond! Baby Bond is a company who offers Ultasounds of your baby. I have literally just booked a 4D scan for April which only cose £59.

There is so many ultrasounds that you can pick from and they are reasonably priced too. What could be better. I have been looking around for a local 4D clinic for a while as I had been offered the chance to have a 4D scan for my birthday in April. The only one that I could find was in Birmingham and that’s a bit of a distance for me. I ended up popping into my local Mothercarein the January sale to get a few bits for the baby. I found that Baby Bond offer scans from that store. When I got home, I went straight on the internet to see if I could book an appointment. I think the fact that I was only 10 weeks pregnant at that point meant that I was unable to book early. I did check again, when I turned 13 weeks and appointments for me had appeared. I could have a 4D scan.

The Scans that they offer are:

  • Early Scan – 6 -11 Weeks, £89, 5 Guests
  • Dating Scan – 12 – 16 Weeks, £89, 5 Guests
  • NIPT + Scan – 10-22 Weeks, £399, 5 Guests
  • NP Scan – 11 – 13.6 Weeks, £189, 5 Guests
  • Cervical Length Scan – 16-40 Weeks, £89, 2 Guests
  • Anomaly Scan – 19-24 Weeks, £159, 5 Guests
  • Presentation Scan – 19-24 Weeks, £159, 5 Guests
  • Gender Scan – 16-32 Weeks, £59, 5 Guests
  • 4D Bonding Scan- 24-34 Weeks, £99, 5 Guests
  • Growth Scan – 24-36 Weeks, £59, 5 Guests
  • BabyDATE Scan- 13 -16 Weeks, £39, 3 Guests
  • quickASSURE Scan- 14 – 20 Weeks, £59, 3 Guests
  • justGender Scan- 18 – 30, £39, 3 Guests
  • Simply4D Scan- 25-30 weeks, £59, 3 Guests.

As you can see, they are a wide range of scans that they offer at serveral locations across the United Kingdom and there are diffent packages that are all outlined on their website. There is no hidden fee’s and everything is clearly outlined so you fully understand what you need to do. Since I had the Simply4D scan which cost £59. I had to pay a £30 deposit and the other £29 I can pay either on or before the day.

Head on over to their website and check out their packages. I found it really good value for money and amazing that they offer one so close to my house. I hope you have the same luck that I did.

I am beyond excited for my Scan 🙂

Bambi x

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