Skin Care in Pregnancy

Skin Care in Pregnancy have you even thought that the products you are putting on your face is harming your baby? I know, I didn’t either!

It’s been drilled into us for the last couple of weeks, we should eat well in pregnancy, we should be a good human being by only putting the nice things into our bodies. Yes, I’ve had that speech from the Midwife too! But, there was one thing that everyone has failed to mention. There is some things in skin care that you are not meant to use during pregnancy. Some you can use after the 1st trimester, after the 2nd trimester, during the third trimester or they are safe to use all the way though.

This only crossed my mind the other day as recently I have an Outbreak and I need some face wash to clear it up. When I got home, I suddenly thought to myself…can I use this? That’s when I put in the research and found that some thing’s I am not meant to be using so straight in the bin they went.

Avoid the following during pregnancy (They should be listed in the Ingredients on the back)

  • Avage, Fabior, Tazorac (tazarotene), Avita (tretinoin), Differin (adapelene), Panretin(alitretinoin), Retin-A, Renova (tretinoin), Retinoic acid, Retinol
    Retinyl linoleate, Retinyl palmitate and Targretin gel (bexarotene).

Only use the following in Small Amounts:

  • Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), Azelaic acid, Benzoyl peroxide, Beta hydroxy acids (BHA)
    Beta hydroxybutanoic acid, Betaine salicylate, Citric acid, Dicarbonous acid, Glycolic acid, Hydroacetic acid, Hydroxyacetic acid, Hydroxycaproic acid, Lactic acid. Salicylic acid, Trethocanic acid, Tropic acid and 2-hydroxyethanoic acid.

Considered to be low risk during Pregnancy:

  • Calcium thioglycolate (depilatory), Hydrolyzed soy protein (minimizer)
    Potassium thioglycolate (depilatory), Sanguisorba officinalis root extract (minimizer) and Sodium hydroxide (minimizer).

This is not a conclusive list of every thing that is considered to put your baby at risk during pregnancy. Make sure that you check everything that you are putting on your skin, such as creams or make up. Some of the ingredients that I have mentioned above have been directly linked to birth defects because of their use. Don’t panic if you have used a product with a harmful ingredient in, just discontinue use and find one that does not contain anything harmful. There should always be an alternative that is safe to use.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and you have learnt as much as I did writing.

Thank You,

Bambi x and Bump x


Pregnancy Glow! Fact or Fiction

Pregnancy Glow. Fact or Fiction. We’ve all heard of it but does it really exist?

As you’ve heard when you’re pregnant, you get this amazing thing called a pregnancy glow. You look great, radiant in fact and to top it off you feel great too! Today, I am going to explore whether it is fact or fiction. Basically, I’m going to decide whether it exists or not based on my experience so far.

And I have decided that pregnancy glow is  …….wait for it………FICTION! I don’t know about you but I don’t glow, I don’t look radiant! I actually look grey with a stone added to my weight! I swear that most of the things that people tell you will happen are just pure rubbish and they are just trying to make themselves feel better that they didn’t feel good though their pregnancy but were told it would happen so pretended it did.

I look grey, slightly older, tired, bloated and there’s generally is some sort of moaning coming from my mouth. But on the bright side, since I have started the second trimester my back ache has stopped but I am sure that it shall return again, in fact I am in no doubt. It will return again.

So basically based on 16 weeks of pregnancy, 4 of which being in the second trimester, suffering from morning sickness for 8 weeks, having an aching back, developing spots left, right and bloody centre. I have decided that pregnancy glow’s are a myth, it’s probably just sweat that other pregnant women are reporting because I sure don’t feel like I am bloody glowing. Slowly turning into an Elephant but feeling radiant whilst doing it…never bloody happens.

Maybe if I become less grey and my spots start disappearing, I might feel like I am glowing but as of right now. My honest opinion is…..Pregnancy Glows are utter rubbish!

Thank You for Reading!

Bambi x and Bump x

Vaccinations during Pregnancy! YAY!

I really don’t like vaccinations but we all gotta do it!

You may have been told by now, you may need some vaccinations during your pregnancy to protect both you and the baby from illness during pregnancy and after birth.

Because of the time in the year, that I fell pregnant it meant that I will have to have both of the vaccinations that they offer to pregnant women during pregnancy. YAY! I know that it’s best for my baby that I have the vaccinations but I really really hate having them done and faint every time so it’s not the best experience for me.

The first vaccination was the Flu Jab which is offered to all pregnant women because of the affect the Flu can have on you when you are pregnant. All the Flu Jab consists of is a small needle in the muscle in your upper arm. I believe that the Flu jab is only routinely offered in the winter months as we are more prone to getting the Flu in this time. But on the bright side, I haven’t been ill at all since I had the vaccination in December…every cloud eh?

The other vaccination is Whooping Cough vaccination and this is mainly for your unborn baby but you will get the booster vaccination at the same time to stop you getting Whooping Cough and passing it on to your child when they are both. The Whooping Cough vaccination will make Anti-Biodies which will then pass over the placenta and make your baby immune to getting Whooping Cough within the first 8 weeks of their life. At 8 weeks, you will have to take them to get a booster again to top it up. You can have the vaccination after 20 weeks once you’ve had your scan but ideally you should have the vaccine between 28-32 weeks pregnant. You can have as late as 38 weeks but you might not pass enough over the placenta in time and your baby may not be fully vaccination. But don’t worry if you are 38 weeks and haven’t had the vaccine. You can still have it and you will be immune which means you won’t be giving it to your child.

I am getting very close to have the Whooping Cough vaccine which I am not looking forward to but a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!

I am very interested in the different vaccines that are offered around the world so please comment below.

Thank You for Reading! 🙂

Bambi x and Bump x

Sure Start Maternity Grant

Did you know about the Sure Start Maternity Grant?

I am here to share something with you. I didn’t know about this until a few weeks ago but some Pregnant women are able to get something that is called a ‘Sure Start Maternity Grant’.

You will get the Maternity Grant of £500 if you meet the following:

  • you’re expecting your first child, or you’re expecting a multiple birth (such as twins) and have children already
  • you or your partner already get certain benefits

That will usually make to entitled to be able to get the grant.

However, you must claim your Grant within 11 weeks of your Due Date or within the 3 months after your babies birth. The best thing is that it won’t affect any of your other benefits and you don’t have to pay the money back! Also, you might be able to get the Grant if you are adopting or having a child though a surrogate!

How to Apply:

Print out and fill in the Sure Start Maternity Grant (SF100) claim form. You will need to get your Midwife or Health Visitor to sign your form as well so it will be handy to take along the form to your next appointment once you’ve turned 29 weeks.

Next, you will need to post it to ‘Freepost DWP SSMG’ as it is a Freepost Address, you will not need to put a stamp or pay postage to send it.

Once you’re claim form has been received and looked at you will get a letter telling you if your claim was successful.

I hope that you have found the information useful and who know’s you might be able to get the grant…no harm in trying!

Thank You for Reading!

Bambi x and Bump x


I feel like time is running out!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock…

I am currently 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant… 166 days left to go.

This week has been terrible. I feel like I am running out of time, I am now 4 months pregnant but these last few weeks have gone so quickly. I just feel like I am going to turn round and I’ll be even closer to my due date. If the next 12 weeks go as fast as the previous 12 weeks have gone, I’ll be 28 weeks pregnant before I know it.

I have tried to get organised and I suppose considering I am still in early pregnancy. I think I have more things than other FTM’s as they may not want to tempt fate.

At the moment, I have:

  • A Car Seat
  • A Winnie The Pooh Blanket
  • A hooded Towel
  • Skin Care Baby Essentials Kit
  • A pack of 5 Body Suits
  • Winnie the Pooh Sleep Suit
  • 2 Winnie the Pooh Body Suit
  • Changing Bag
  • Baby Comforter

I think it’s because I still have so much to get and I know that the weeks will just tick around. Soon, I’ll be writing the 17 week update!

So if you are FTM like me and feel like you are running out of time. Don’t worry, I feel like that too. I wanted to be that mother that always has her shit together but I’ll have to accept that, that just isn’t me. I have decided that I am going to write a list of all the things that I have left to get and make sure I get them on the date I have decided. I need to get more organised and then, I think I’ll feel better about giving birth in 5 months time!

Thank You for Reading!

Bambi x and Bump x


Johnson’s Baby Skin are Essentials Box

Johnson’s Baby Skin care Essentials Box. Simply Amazing!

A good few weeks back now, Mothercare had a sale on. I think it may have been just after Christmas. In the sale, I brought the Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Essential Box.

It cost me £16, I have since seen it cheaper but I brought mine for £16 from Mothercare in January. Anyway, I brought it mainly for the box…I’ll admit it.  I did want the content of the box to but I thought that the box would come in handy longer than the things would last. For example, because the box has a handy handle on the top. You can transport everything you need for your baby’s bath in one go and not have to make numerous trips back and forth. Also, I will be able to keep all the baby’s bath things in one place, therefore I will know if I am running out of anything that I use. I think it’s actually good of Johnson’s to make an Essentials Kit because FTM like me might not know what they need to bathe a baby. At least this way, you know that you have all the essentials at hand in a handy box.

The box contains:

  • Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Regular – 1 x 300ml
  • Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes – 1 x 56 Pack Wipes
  • Johnson’s Baby Lotion – 1 x 300ml
  • Johnson’s Baby Oil – 1 x 300ml
  • Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath – 1 x 300ml
  • Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Bath – 1 x 300ml
  • Johnson’s Baby Bath Regular – 1 x 300ml
  • Johnson’s Baby Cotton Pads – 1 x 100 Pack

I think all these for the price is amazing. I like it because I know that I now have all the essentials that I’ll need for baby’s first bath.

Thank You For Reading! 🙂

Bambi x and Bump x

Baby Bottles – What to choose?

Theres’s so many choices of baby bottles, which one do you choose?!

Hello again,

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I have decided that I am going to formula feed my baby when they arrive. I’m not going to explain why but I have stated them in a previous blog about Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding so go give it a read if you are curious!

Anyway, last week I went out and brought the bottles that I am intending on using when baby is born. In my area, a few weeks ago Asda held their Baby and Toddler Event. I think they happen about twice a year and it is exactly what the name suggests…an event. Basically, all the things that you will need for baby are reduced for a few weeks so you can get it for a discounted price before they are born. Some people say that I have started to buy things to early. But, if I’d have waited I would’ve had to spend twice as much on the bottles alone. It just means that now, I can spend more money on other baby things.

I opted for the Tommee Tippee Essentials Starter Kit. It cost me £60 with the normal price being £120 and I just couldn’t say no to that bargain!

In the kit it includes:

  • Electric steam steriliser.
  • 4 x 150ml bottles & 4 x 260ml bottles.
  • Closer to Nature 2 x medium flow teats.
  • 1 x 0-6m soother.
  • 1 x bottle and teat brush.
  • 6 x milk powder dispenser.
  • Closer to Nature electric bottle warmer.

I have decided to buy a few extra coloured bottles since I brought the white version that Tommee Tippee offers. I believe that there are other colours on offer but don’t quote me on that. I am sure that I’ve seen a red one in ToysRus though.

Thank You for Reading, I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on with these bottles in July.

Bambi x and Bump x


16 Weeks Pregnant

16 Week Update, 4 Months Pregnant!


Today is a milestone in my Pregnancy journey as you have probably guessed from the title. Today, I am 16 weeks pregnant…4 months. The time has gone so fast over the past 12 weeks since I found out that I was expecting. There is now only 168 days left to go of my pregnancy. It’s very very scary that the time is just going so fast. I just can’t believe it. Soon I’ll be at my 20 week scan and I’ll find out if they are a boy or a girl (I think Girl but only time will tell)

This week I have noticed that my stomach has become rounder but I have still have no symptoms like week 15. I am still feeling good. I have had the odd headache or stomach ache from time to time this week but that’s always been normal to me. However, whilst I am not feeling like much has changed this week. A lot will happen in my stomach as the baby will be growing even more over the following week.

Well like I said there is 168 days left to go on my pregnancy but I am more focused on what is going to happen inside my body this week. I find it amazing to know every little detail. Right now, our little peanut is measuring at about 4.5 inches which is about the size of your smart phone.But they are due a growth spurt and by week 20 they will measure at over double of what they do now. So get ready to get bigger and quickly too! They can now more their neck more and it no longer sits on their chest like in the weeks before.

It is in the next few weeks, that it is likely that you will experience ‘quickening’ and this might happen as early as this week! I bet you are guessing what I mean by quickening and I’m sure that some of you have already broken off to google it. Well, if you haven’t…quickening is the first movements of your baby. However, if you do not feel it this week, it does not mean that anything is wrong. First time mothers often experience these first movements of their baby sometime between the 16th and 20th week so you may have to wait a while yet. However, women who have been pregnant before may feel it a lot sooner. It may feel like a pop in your stomach the first time it happens.

This week, I have my second appointment with the Midwife at the Doctors. As I have never done this before, I have no idea what to expect. I have had to book a double appointment to go though my bloods which I had done a few weeks ago now. I am hoping that my partner and I will be able to hear the babies heartbeat. Whilst I have seen the heartbeat at the scans, I have never actually heard it so I am very excited for it.


The first picture is of me at 15 weeks and the second is of me at 16 weeks. (My little piggie likes to be in the photos too :D)

Bambi x and Bump x

Exercise In Pregnancy…

Ughhhhh Exercise!


Well as most of you know by now, you need to exercise whilst you are pregnant. This will be something that your Midwife or Health Visitor told you at you booking appointment 8 weeks ago. I was told the same thing.

I have never been much of an exerciser. I’ve dabbled over the years but it is not something I’ve ever stuck at for longer than about 2 weeks. And since I’ve been pregnant, I haven’t done much either. I have tried a few times but I can’t seem to make it a part of my routine.

The NHS recommend that we exercise for about 30 minutes per day whilst pregnant. It has also been proven to have health benefits too such as a quicker active labour and quicker recovery time.

Since, I am completely unfit I read that I could work my way up the 30 minutes per day. So this is what I decided to do, slowly working my way up to being this super human that can do everything. Alas, it didn’t work. I started off okay, I did two days in a row. I started with the Exercise Bike, doing ten minutes and then fifteen minutes the day after. The day after that I was meant to go up to 20 minutes but I forgot to do it when I was free so I said to myself that I would do my 20 minutes the next day…never happened. Here I am now, 2 weeks later never having done 20 minutes a day on the Exercise Bike.

I know all the professionals recommend 30 minutes a day for 5 days with 2 days rest. But for people like me who have never done any exercise before. I just don’t think it is possible to expect people to rearrange their routine when they are growing another women. I’ll continue to try to do more exercise but I am not going to get stressed out if I don’t meet the guidelines that they set. At the end of the day, my body is already doing something amazing already and I am not going to put it under stress to get fit whilst it is doing so.

Thank You all for reading. See You Tomorrow!

Bambi x and Bump x

Dental Care in Pregnancy and Maternity Exemption Certifcate

I have never had a problem with my teeth, I always go to the Dentist every 6 months and brush my teeth twice a day. However, since I have become pregnant I have noticed that everytime I brush my teeth, my gums bleed. After, alot of research I have found that it is a very common problem in pregnant women. All pregnant women can do is make sure that they have good oral hygiene and make sure that they visit their dentist.

Since, it is a problem for most women during in pregnancy, in the UK all pregnant women are eligible for a NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate.

When you see your Midwife at your booking appointment, she should have given you a form to send off once you have had your first scan. The reason that she will give it to you is that she needs to sign the form to confirm pregnancy. Since, you will not see her until 16 weeks she will give you the form now so you can send it off.

I sent mine off the day after I had my 12 week scan and I recieved my card back within a week.

Bambi x and Bump