As we all know, a lovely part of childbirth is the potential that you are going to have to have stitches in a rather delicate place. Like you haven’t been though enough…we now have stitches that make it virtually impossible to sit down and don’t even try to without a sound effect or two.

Firstly, stitches bloody hurt so let your family and friends help you take care of the baby at least until you can move properly. Your body has done something amazing, let it heal. There is no need to be superwomen!

Over the next few weeks, it will seem that everyone you come across would like to have a gander at the new downstairs mix up and you will let them because they will hurt a lot and you need to know that everything is okay down there.

The main thing, I did to take care of my stitches was bathe in salt water once a day. It was literally the best thing ever and it meant that 10 days after having the stitches in, they were virtually healed and didn’t hurt at all.

My other piece of advice to you is change your pads regulary, I changed mine everytime I went to the toilet. I was very concerned about infection and this seemed to put my mind at ease.

One final piece of advice, if when you wee a little bit goes on your stitches and makes them sting. Hold a piece of toilet paper over the stitches and it will stop them hurting.

Bambi x


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