Taking Care Of Your Stitches

As we all know, a lovely part of childbirth is the potential that you are going to have to have stitches in a rather delicate place. Like you haven’t been though enough…we now have stitches that make it virtually impossible to sit down and don’t even try to without a sound effect or two.

Firstly, stitches bloody hurt so let your family and friends help you take care of the baby at least until you can move properly. Your body has done something amazing, let it heal. There is no need to be superwomen!

Over the next few weeks, it will seem that everyone you come across would like to have a gander at the new downstairs mix up and you will let them because they will hurt a lot and you need to know that everything is okay down there.

The main thing, I did to take care of my stitches was bathe in salt water once a day. It was literally the best thing ever and it meant that 10 days after having the stitches in, they were virtually healed and didn’t hurt at all.

My other piece of advice to you is change your pads regulary, I changed mine everytime I went to the toilet. I was very concerned about infection and this seemed to put my mind at ease.

One final piece of advice, if when you wee a little bit goes on your stitches and makes them sting. Hold a piece of toilet paper over the stitches and it will stop them hurting.

Bambi x


The Birth of Baby Leo! <3

On the 16th of July at 07:52am, Leo Alexander made his appearance in this world.

13th of July:

I was due to be induced at the hospital. I had to ring the maternity department to make sure that admission was still possible on that day. I rang them at 12 and was told that admission was not possible at that time. I was to ring back at 4 o’clock that day to check again. Soon, 4 o’clock came and I rang the hospital again. I was told that I had to go in for monitoring of my baby’s heartbeat but admission would not be possible that day. It appears that all the pregnant women in town had decided to have their babies and they simply just didn’t have any room to accomendate any more births in that hospital.

14th of July:

I was instructed to ring the hospital again at 12 to ask about admission, exactly the same as the day before. I was told to ring again at 4 to see if there was a bed because the beds had not yet cleared from the night before. By this point, I was sick and tired of being told that there wasn’t any space for me. The consultant had told me that they wanted him out by 38 weeks and it just didn’t seem to be happening. Also, because of the problem that I had with my liver it meant that the closer I got to term, the higher the chances my baby would be still born. This was on my mind a lot and I felt that they were not taking my condition seriously!

I decided that I was going to go in for monitoring on the afternoon and not in the evening like I had done the night before. I was so tired so if I could get the monitoring out of the way sooner, I was all for this option. When I was there, I was told that they had a bed for me that night and they wanted me to go home, have my tea and ring at 5 o’clock to get a time to go to the hospital. At 5 o’clock, they told me to come to the hospital for 7 o’clock. However, they did say that they were not sure whether they would be able to induce me on the Friday night but I could stay there until they were able to.

15th of July:

In the early hours of the morning on the 15th of July, a midwife entered my room and said that the lead midwife on delivery had said that they were able to induce me. I had to be monitored again to ensure that everything was still okay and the baby was fine. After 40 minutes on the monitor, the midwife came in with the propress and started the induction process.

My partner and I went to sleep, it was all just a waiting game now and no-one knew how long the propress was going to take to work.

When we woke up, I had to go back on the monitor to ensure that the baby was okay and he had not had a reaction to the hormones that had now entered my body. Everything was still okay. We decided to go for a walk around the hospital to help get things started. As the day went on, the pains had started and were getting worse. I was able to deal with the pain as my labour was progressing but not very fast. Slowly, the pains got worse though out the day.

After 24 hours of having the propress in, the midwife came to check had dilated my cervix was. At 01.50am, I was dilated 1cm and it didn’t look like the baby would be here any time soon. I went to sleep so deflated that the propress was taking so long to work and I would have to stay in the hospital for longer. I was so tired by this point, as neither me or my partner had a proper night sleep since Thursday night.

At around 5am, I woke up and decided that I wanted to go to the toilet. After a couple of attempts to get off the bed, I managed to get up and waddled off the the bathroom. As I got to the bathroom door, I felt this sudden gush of liquid down my legs. I rushed to the toilet to check what had just happened. I found a straw coloured liquid and I rang the button for the midwife. My waters had broken. The midwife came in and I told her what had happened. She told me that my waters hadn’t gone and all that had happened is that I hadn’t gotten to the toilet in time (I was sure my waters had broke). She said that I needed to go on the monitor for 40 minutes to see if I was actually contracting. She then disapeared for about 20 minutes. In this time, the pain had started, I was lying on the bed literally doubled over in pain. There was no way that I was able to sit on the monitor for 40 minutes with this pain, it just wasn’t possible.

During one contraction, I felt something different coming out. I checked and I was bleeding. The midwife hadn’t come back yet. Around 5 minutes later, my midwife walked into the room, she didn’t seem to think that anything was happening and that I wasn’t going to have my baby anytime soon.

She came over to me and tried to get me to go on the monitor. I told her that I didn’t think that it would be possible for me to sit still for that long but she said I had to. Then suddenly, I felt this urge, the urge to push. I couldn’t help but scream ‘OMG I need to push’ loudly. The look on her face as she quickly put her gloves on so she could examine me. I was now 7cm dilated and I needed to go to the delivery suite.

Another midwife appeared at the door with a wheelchair and I was helped into the chair. I was suddenly whisked off down a corridor with my partner trying to get all our stuff together and bring it with us. Since, we didn’t think anything would be happening taht night, we hadn’t packed our things away properly.

At 05.30am, I arrived in the delivery suite still with the increasing urge to push. Thankfully, the midwife who thought I had wet myself had gone and she was replaced by another one who was much nicer. They set the gas and air up for me and I climbed up on to the bed once my contraction had gone. By this time, my mum had gotten to the hospital as I had promised that she would be able to be at the birth.

Around half past 6, after asking many times if I could push. The midwife finally said it was okay too. I had to wait until I couldn’t stop the urge to push before I was allowed. At this point, the midwife was replaced by another and a student. I started to push and the baby was coming down nicely. As the head was ready to come out, I tried and tried but no amount of pushing was getting his head out. The doctor said that he would have to cut me in order to get the head to come out. As he cut me, he told me to push and not only did the baby’s head come out but the rest of him too! He did nearly fall on the floor because they had taken away the bottom of the bed to perform the cut but the student midwife caught him and put him straight onto my chest. The student midwife actually finished her course requirements with my son as he was her 40th baby she had delivered.

That is my birth story and to everyone that is soon to have their baby, there is a huge difference between wetting yourself and your waters breaking…trust your instincts!

Bambi x