It has been a very long time since I last wrote a blog about my pregnancy. SO much has happened in the last 12+ weeks so I’ve got a lot to tell you about.

At my 20 week scan, we found out that the baby was a boy and was very very healthy. My placenta is anterior which means I had to still wait a couple of weeks till I was able to feel him moving but since then he has a been a very very active baby. At first, it was mainly at night but as he has gotten bigger. I can now feeling virtually all the time.

At 29 weeks, I attended the Pregnancy Day Unit at my local hospital because I was concerned about his movements as I had not felt as many as usual on that particular day. He didn’t wake up till I was strapped to a machine to monitor him, it was then he appeared to believe that there was a rave and he just had to join in. As part of my examination, I had my fundal measured for my scan in my green notes. My bump was measuring a little bit below what it should have been at that stage (about 27cm). So I was referred for a scan to see how he was doing and if he was growing correctly. It turned out that although I had a small bump, he weight was above average. So ladies, just because you have a small fundal measurement does not mean that your baby is small with it. It all depends on the way they are sitting. However, they did find that his FM was slightly on the low side as they were measuring just above the 10th Centile line but all other measurements were either fine or above average.I was referred to another scan in 3 weeks time to have another look at his growth to see if there were any problems.

So, a few weeks ago I had my 4th scan which I was told that the problem had corrected itself and all was fine. The baby weighted 4lbs, 1oz! I did still have to wait for the Antenatal Clinic at the hospital because the consultant wanted to have a look at the scan. The consultant said although he was happy with the baby’s growth and development over the past 3 weeks, he wanted to refer me to another scan when I am 38 weeks pregnant to see the weight of the baby. So in a few weeks time, I will have to go and have a scan where I speak to the consultant again. There is some talk about letting me carry until my due date and then inducing me because of my fundal measurement but I will find out the consultants plan very very soon.

I had my whooping cough vaccination and this time I managed not to faint! But, it didn’t half make my arm sore for literally a week. After that everything was fine and I did not have any other side effects which I am very thankful for!

I have also been told that my iron levels are borderline so I was prescribed Iron Therapy. Those tablets are so so horrible but its all so the baby is healthy so I will happily take them. A little piece of advice, if your doctor prescribes you two a day, take one then slowly get your way up to the recommended amount. They can make you a little poorly if you take to many at once.

As of right this second, I currently have 5 weeks and 3 days left to go and I seriously cannot wait. We are in the middle of the hottest day of the year so far at the moment and I can’t appear to drink enough to be satisfied. I also had my fundal measured yesterday and it was still measuring small at 30cm but I think that’s normal for me as my normal midwife does not seem to be to alarmed by this. Well, that measurement means that I am currently resting on the 10th centile line but because of the previous scans they know that he is bigger and more towards the 50th centile line.

All in all, I have enjoyed being pregnant and haven’t had many complications. All I wish is that the temperature would go down so I can be comfortable during the days and sleep at night!

My little boy is still baking away in my tummy and kicking me in the ribs all night!


10 weeks compared to 30 Weeks

Bambi x and Bump










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