Hello Friendssss,

As you all know, I am currently 16 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I’ve been thinking about everything that I am excited about because of this pregnancy.

  1. My 20 Week scan. I know everyone looks forward to their next scan because you get to see how their baby is growing and see if they are developing properly. It’s so exciting, just getting to see them on the screen. Also, because by this point in my pregnancy all my symtoms have gone. It’s nice to see your baby as a reminder that they are still there and that they are OK in there.
  2. My 24 Week Midwife Appointment. As I wrote yesterday, I had my 16 week Midwifery scan and I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Well, next time when I go to see the Community Midwife. She will measure my belly to see how baby is growing and put it on my chart. I also get to hear the Baby’s heartbeat again which I am super excited about.
  3. Antenatal Classes. I can book my Antenatal Classes at 20 weeks and there two sessions in particular that I am excited about. The first one, is the Grandparents evenving which gets the Grandparents involved in the Pregnancy and gives them information about what they can do. The second is the tour of the Maternity Unit and Birth Preparation class. I just want to see where I am going to give birth and make sure I know exactly where I am going in the hospital.
  4. 4D Baby Scan. For my Birthday Present this year, my mother and mother in law have brought me a 4D scan at our local Mothercare store. All of us are going to attend including my partner. I have no idea what will happpen as I have never had a 4D scan before nor have I attended one with someone else. So, it’s all so new and exciting!

All the things that I am looking forward to are ages away at the moment but they will be here before we know it. I wish this next month would hurry up so I can see my Beautiful 2D baby on the screen again!

Please comment below and tell me the things that you are excited about during your pregnancy!

Thank You Mommies!

Bambi x and Bump x


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