So yesterday, I had my 16 week Midwifery Appointment.

It was pretty simple and it all happened rather quickly! Firstly, she went though my bloods that I had at 8 weeks, they were absolutely fine. All the screenings had come back negative and I had a high iron level. Meaning I do not have to have iron supplements at least for the time being. These bloods will be repeated at 28 weeks and I’ll be told what the results are after that.

In the UK everytime you go to the Midwife, you have to take a urine sample. The Midwife will have it off you and test you for infections and see if there is any protein in your wee. Mine was all fine and I appear to be healthier then ever.

Next was the bit I had been waiting for. I have already had two scans but no-one has ever let me hear the baby’s heartbeat. Today, was the day! She got her doppler and put in on the left side of my stomach. It wasn’t as cold as the scan. After, a few seconds you could faintly hear baby’s heartbeat and movement in my belly. She moved the doppler a little and our baby’s heartbeat was there. This very strong hearbeat started beating away. The midwife said that according to a old wives tale, the baby sounds like it’s a girl. If it a girl, it sounds like galloping horses and if it’s a boy it sounds like a train. She said it’s just a old wives tale but I thought it was nice to know. I am getting the feeling that the baby is a girl but I’ll wait till my scan till I share it offically with you all!

Thank You for Reading!

Bambi x and Bump x


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