Pregnancy Glow. Fact or Fiction. We’ve all heard of it but does it really exist?

As you’ve heard when you’re pregnant, you get this amazing thing called a pregnancy glow. You look great, radiant in fact and to top it off you feel great too! Today, I am going to explore whether it is fact or fiction. Basically, I’m going to decide whether it exists or not based on my experience so far.

And I have decided that pregnancy glow is  …….wait for it………FICTION! I don’t know about you but I don’t glow, I don’t look radiant! I actually look grey with a stone added to my weight! I swear that most of the things that people tell you will happen are just pure rubbish and they are just trying to make themselves feel better that they didn’t feel good though their pregnancy but were told it would happen so pretended it did.

I look grey, slightly older, tired, bloated and there’s generally is some sort of moaning coming from my mouth. But on the bright side, since I have started the second trimester my back ache has stopped but I am sure that it shall return again, in fact I am in no doubt. It will return again.

So basically based on 16 weeks of pregnancy, 4 of which being in the second trimester, suffering from morning sickness for 8 weeks, having an aching back, developing spots left, right and bloody centre. I have decided that pregnancy glow’s are a myth, it’s probably just sweat that other pregnant women are reporting because I sure don’t feel like I am bloody glowing. Slowly turning into an Elephant but feeling radiant whilst doing it…never bloody happens.

Maybe if I become less grey and my spots start disappearing, I might feel like I am glowing but as of right now. My honest opinion is…..Pregnancy Glows are utter rubbish!

Thank You for Reading!

Bambi x and Bump x


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