Did you know about the Sure Start Maternity Grant?

I am here to share something with you. I didn’t know about this until a few weeks ago but some Pregnant women are able to get something that is called a ‘Sure Start Maternity Grant’.

You will get the Maternity Grant of £500 if you meet the following:

  • you’re expecting your first child, or you’re expecting a multiple birth (such as twins) and have children already
  • you or your partner already get certain benefits

That will usually make to entitled to be able to get the grant.

However, you must claim your Grant within 11 weeks of your Due Date or within the 3 months after your babies birth. The best thing is that it won’t affect any of your other benefits and you don’t have to pay the money back! Also, you might be able to get the Grant if you are adopting or having a child though a surrogate!

How to Apply:

Print out and fill in the Sure Start Maternity Grant (SF100) claim form. You will need to get your Midwife or Health Visitor to sign your form as well so it will be handy to take along the form to your next appointment once you’ve turned 29 weeks.

Next, you will need to post it to ‘Freepost DWP SSMG’ as it is a Freepost Address, you will not need to put a stamp or pay postage to send it.

Once you’re claim form has been received and looked at you will get a letter telling you if your claim was successful.

I hope that you have found the information useful and who know’s you might be able to get the grant…no harm in trying!

Thank You for Reading!

Bambi x and Bump x



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