16 Week Update, 4 Months Pregnant!


Today is a milestone in my Pregnancy journey as you have probably guessed from the title. Today, I am 16 weeks pregnant…4 months. The time has gone so fast over the past 12 weeks since I found out that I was expecting. There is now only 168 days left to go of my pregnancy. It’s very very scary that the time is just going so fast. I just can’t believe it. Soon I’ll be at my 20 week scan and I’ll find out if they are a boy or a girl (I think Girl but only time will tell)

This week I have noticed that my stomach has become rounder but I have still have no symptoms like week 15. I am still feeling good. I have had the odd headache or stomach ache from time to time this week but that’s always been normal to me. However, whilst I am not feeling like much has changed this week. A lot will happen in my stomach as the baby will be growing even more over the following week.

Well like I said there is 168 days left to go on my pregnancy but I am more focused on what is going to happen inside my body this week. I find it amazing to know every little detail. Right now, our little peanut is measuring at about 4.5 inches which is about the size of your smart phone.But they are due a growth spurt and by week 20 they will measure at over double of what they do now. So get ready to get bigger and quickly too! They can now more their neck more and it no longer sits on their chest like in the weeks before.

It is in the next few weeks, that it is likely that you will experience ‘quickening’ and this might happen as early as this week! I bet you are guessing what I mean by quickening and I’m sure that some of you have already broken off to google it. Well, if you haven’t…quickening is the first movements of your baby. However, if you do not feel it this week, it does not mean that anything is wrong. First time mothers often experience these first movements of their baby sometime between the 16th and 20th week so you may have to wait a while yet. However, women who have been pregnant before may feel it a lot sooner. It may feel like a pop in your stomach the first time it happens.

This week, I have my second appointment with the Midwife at the Doctors. As I have never done this before, I have no idea what to expect. I have had to book a double appointment to go though my bloods which I had done a few weeks ago now. I am hoping that my partner and I will be able to hear the babies heartbeat. Whilst I have seen the heartbeat at the scans, I have never actually heard it so I am very excited for it.


The first picture is of me at 15 weeks and the second is of me at 16 weeks. (My little piggie likes to be in the photos too :D)

Bambi x and Bump x


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