I have never had a problem with my teeth, I always go to the Dentist every 6 months and brush my teeth twice a day. However, since I have become pregnant I have noticed that everytime I brush my teeth, my gums bleed. After, alot of research I have found that it is a very common problem in pregnant women. All pregnant women can do is make sure that they have good oral hygiene and make sure that they visit their dentist.

Since, it is a problem for most women during in pregnancy, in the UK all pregnant women are eligible for a NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate.

When you see your Midwife at your booking appointment, she should have given you a form to send off once you have had your first scan. The reason that she will give it to you is that she needs to sign the form to confirm pregnancy. Since, you will not see her until 16 weeks she will give you the form now so you can send it off.

I sent mine off the day after I had my 12 week scan and I recieved my card back within a week.

Bambi x and Bump


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