Over the next few weeks, our bellies are only going to get bigger so we will probably get stretch marks at some point during pregnancy. I have decided as I will only be 22 when I give birth and I intend on doing it again, I want my body to be in the best condition at the end as it possibly can be! I know that’s not what everyone says but this is what I need to do so I feel better about myself. As I have mentioned before, a Happy Mum means a Happy Baby.

Today, I went to my Local Sainsburys Superstore and purchased a bottle of Body Lotion Aloe Vera  by Sainsburys’s. According to the bottle, its hydrating, refreshes and softens the skin. I intend to use this every morning and night until the baby is born. I have already felt some pain from my skin stretching and I am hoping that if I start rubbing in the lotion every night that it won’t hurt as much.

I know  that I might be doing all this in vain and it will all happen anyway but I feel like as long as I try it means that I will be happy even if it doesn’t work. I have come to terms with the fact that my body will change when I have a baby a long time ago and that is not the reason that I have decided to do this. I have decided to do this because I would like to feel good about myself for years to come as well. We always get told that Self-Esteem is important and it’s important that we make sure that our children have it. But what hope do we have if we as parents, don’t have it to begin with. What hope do we have if we are expected to pass it down. It’s about doing what makes you happy and makes your family happy in years to come.

If you want to do it, then do it!

Bambi x and Bump


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