I don’t know if you are anything like me but in my room, I don’t really have enough room for a full size cot. As the baby will be sleeping in the same room as me for at least the first six months, I need to find a cot that will fit in the small space that I have available. This is when I discovered the World of Compact Cots. I never knew that they existed before. They are exactly what the name suggests, they are compact and fit in compact spaces.

I have listed some that I have found below for you to have a look at:

  • Kiddicare Compact Cot – £59.99
  • moKee Mini Cot – £69.95
  • Petite Cot-Mamas&Papas – £109
  • Rafferty Cot – George Asda – £59.00

I have listed 4 cots, all of different sizes above. They are all unique and at least one of them will fit your needs. Personally, I think that I am going to buy the Rafferty Cot from Asda since I think it is the best value and the right size for the space that I have available.

Please remember that the Matress may not be included in the price and you will have to buy separately. I didt noticed when I was looking that sometimes the Matress takes longer to arrive then the cot which is something that you may want to take into account when ordering your cot.

I hope that you have found it interesting and this post has helped you in your compact cot needs.

Thank Youuuuuuu,

Bambi x and Bump



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