If you have been following my blog, you will have seen that I have developed my bump this week and now I need to invest in some Maternity Clothes. But, like many of you I had no clue which shops had a Maternity Section and which were the best prices.

A few days ago, I ordered some stuff from H&M Maternity Online. I ordered 2 pack of tops, 1 stripy top and a white tank top. I am honestly very pleased with what I chose and I have been wearing them for the last few days. I still needed some Maternity Jeans and I found that in most places that the Jeans were very expensive. However, I did find some in Asda. One pair of Jeans for £14, which is a really good price. I ordered a pair and they arrived yesterday. I ordered a size 10 which was great because it fit my legs nicely and my bump does not have much growing to do until it will be nicely housed inside the order the bump bit.

So the shops that I have found that does Maternity Clothing is:

  • H&M
  • George (Asda)
  • Boohoo.com
  • New Look
  • ASOS
  • Mothercare

I didn’t want to spend to much on my Maternity Clothes as I would not be wearing them for very long, I found that these retailers had the best prices and the best quality.

I hope that  this has helped.

Bambi x


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