I know, I know I am not even 4 months pregnant yet and I am already buying things for the baby. I could not resist. Its all too tempting and put that with the sales that they had just after Christmas, it just had to be done.

I ahve brought a few things over the last month. These included a Car Seat(reduced in Mothercare Sale), bottles and sterilizer, Changing Bag, a comforter and yes, you guessed it BABY CLOTHES. I could not resist and when I noticed that Asda still had the Baby and Toddler Event on when I got paid was even better!

I brought one things for myself (Maternity Jeans) and the rest was spent on baby. However, I am still concious that I have a lot of my pregnancy left to go and I did not want to go over board so I’ve decided that I am only going to buy the essentials for baby over the next few months. That is until, I find out what gender they are and all of they will have more clothes than me!

I brought from George was Winnie the Pooh Pack of 5 Bodysuits which cost £6, 2 Winnie the Pooh Hats which cost £3 and a single Bodysuit which says ‘The World is so big and I am only little’. They were all the cutest things ever. I was going to buy more and properly kit the baby out from the Unisex section but I hit a dilemia. There are some lovely sleepsuits in George at the moment but I was not sure if they would be too thick to buy for a baby that is going to be born in July/August. Considering that I have decided that I shall wait to buy more for the baby until Springtime since I’m thinking that there will be more light weighted clothing around and I do keep forgetting that at the moment the shops are stocking for Winter babies.

Anyway, I found that George have the best value and best choice of baby clothes going at the moment. I also had a look at the boys and girls clothing that they also stock and for example they had a Bambi Dress which was only £7. If I knew that the baby was going to be a girl, I would have brought that right there and then. They are amazing value for money!

See you tommorow,

Bambi x


One thought on “Baby Clothing! George – Asda

  1. Whinnie the Pooh is always a winner, I’ve have seen so many things that I wish to buy but I’m so unsure as how how big or how small the baby will be?! I want to buy so many outfits that im afraid wont be there in days, weeks or months time but like you said its hard to plan ahead not knowing how hot the weather will be etc. Also, I’m in love with mothercare! x

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