Hellllloooo there Mommies,

When I saw the Midwife at 6 weeks, she went though a massive list of things that I couldn’t eat because they may harm the baby. I found this extememly daunting because never before in my life, have I been told what I can and can’t eat. I also wanted to be healthy during my pregnancy and make sure that my baby got all the vitamins that they needed to grow into a lovely baby over the 9 months that it was renting out my womb.

Before, I was pregnant I weighed 8st 11lbs and I am about 5’7. I have never really had much of an appetite and I would often miss meals. This meant that I had to try extra hard to make sure I ate enough for both me and baby.

First thing on my list was finding something that I enjoyed to eat for Breakfast. I have never really been a big breakfast person and like I said it was now time to try extra hard to eat enough for me and baby. I started with Coco Pops because I had a real cravings for them and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Two birds, One stone. However, I found after about a week, they were making me feel a bit poorly. Next I tried, Coco Hoops and again this lasted for about a Week before I then got sick of them too. I just did not know what to try next. I mentioned to my Mum about Weatabix and that I really fancied a bowl. I hadn’t had any in years. The next morning, there it was. A box of Weatabix. Honestly, I have not looked back. I find that they are the best thing to eat for my Breakfast and it feels like I am being healthy too!

For my Lunch, I tend just to have 4 slices of bread and butter. Again, another craving. I find that it is enough to satify my hunger and it just tastes soooo good.

Now for my Dinner, I have a cooked meal. I like to have things that warm me up inside like pasta in a sauce as its winter at the moment. However, I do try to have different things every night of the week. I have Fish Fingers, Gammon, Cottage Pie, Pasta, Fish In Sauce, Pizza and Beans on Toast on the other nights. I find that none of these meals make me feel poorly and I am full up for a few hours after I eat too.

Just before I go to bed, I tend to have a slice of toast or a bowl of Cereal. This is because I find that I wake up in the night so hungry and I can’t be bothered to make myself anything at that time. So just having something small to eat before bed makes the world of difference.

Finally, what I drink per day. When I get up I tend to have a cup of tea to wake myself up a bit. Then thoughout the day, I will have glasses of water or Fresh Orange Juice. It is very important to make sure that you drink enough thoughout the day for your baby. I alway take a big bottle of water to bed with me. Although, at the moment a single glup will make me want the toilet about 2 minutes later but that’s okay. I know that I need the liquids and I honesly do not mind going that much to the toilet.

I hope this helps you decide what you eat and drink per day. But, like I always say, it is your decision what you eat and drink. Don’t let anyone tell you, you are wrong.

Bambi x


3 thoughts on “What I Eat and Drink Per Day

  1. Thank goodness for this post! I have become alert to all the dangers of foods I should and shouldnt consume during pregnancy, for some reason the do’s and don’ts completely skipped my mind. I havent been the healthiest person up until now.
    I love following your blog x

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    1. Hello again, Thank You for your heart warming comments, they truly are lovely. Don’t worry about not being the healthiest up upon till now…I have had my moments as well. I hope you continue enjoy my experiences x

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