As every FTM does over the last few weeks, my partner and I have been trying to come up with a name for our child. We decided to pick one Male and one Female. We wanted to be able to do this before the 20 weeks scan and considering we’ve been trying to pick a name since I was 6 weeks pregnant. We are very nearly there. For a Girl. We can only think of one Boy name that we both like. Before, I was pregnant we always said we would name our son, Maxxie. But now its really happening, we are not so sure. Bloody Hell this is difficult.

I have quite a lot of Girl names saved in a Memo on my Phone. We have names from Sophia to Summer on the list. I think we have decided on a girl name now but we have decided to keep it a secret. You will all find out when the Baby is here, don’t worry!

What I am more worried about at the moment is the fact that if the baby is a boy, he has no name. I don’t know if its pregnancy hormones kicking it. You never see anyone with no name because their parents couldn’t decide but I am hoping that over the next few weeks, I will hear a Boy’s name that I will instantly fall in love with and that will be my baby’s name but until then the baby shall be referred to as Peanut.

I have my 20 week scan in 5 weeks time and I am hoping that my baby will allow me to know what they are. I literally daydream about what they will be on a daily basis. Will it be a Little Princess or a Little Prince. I get the feeling that the baby is a girl and so do most of our families. Only 5 more weeks to wait.

Bambi x


3 thoughts on “Baby Names!

  1. Goodness, I didn’t realize so many people have the same problem as me, I am totally set on the female name which is Sofia Maria (reading your post seeing you had sophia as well made me chuckle and a little nervous as it is common), however I’m stuck on a male name! My Brother-in-law, Layton, has a family of beautiful sames including his mother called Dawn, his two sisters called Autumn and Sunny, and his brother called Hayden. Might steal a phew ideas haha x

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    1. Hiiii, it’s so nice to know it isn’t just me! Pregnant women unite! Lol. Boys Names have been hard for me too but I think that might be because girl names tend to be so pretty and innocent. For boys names, I want some thing that suits a baby as well as a name that they can grow into. I only chose Sophia because it’s similar to my name and don’t forget she is a goddess! X

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