I don’t know about you but before I got pregnant I was a very big tea drinker. My partner and I used to drink about 10 cups of tea per day and that was on average! So you can imagine my dismay when the Midwife told me that I could only drink 2 cups per day. I mean, I havent drank only two cups a day in years. This seemed like the most impossible habit to quit, I’ve drank tea since I was a very little girl. 

Over the past 8 weeks, I have been trying to cut down on my caffine consumption and I am pleased to say… I’ve done it! Not only do I not drink as much tea as I used too, I now only drink one per day which is less than  the recommended allowance for pregnant women. But… I must confess I don’t half miss caffine! Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to find new ways to get energy during the day and find new drinks to have.

At first, I replaced Tea with Squash. The only reason it was Squash not water was at that point during my pregnancy, I could not stand the taste of water. It just tasted too earthy to me and that went on for at least three weeks. Until one day, I drank Squash and it was horrible. I literally couldn’t stand the taste. So I switched back to water which had a nice refreshingly good taste to it now. However, over the past few  weeks I’ve grown sick of water and I thought I’d try something new. Off to the Supermarket I went, I came back with a carton of Orange Juice and I bloody love it. 

I think when you’re pregnant you don’t want to  have the same things everyday because it just gets boring. 

So head to your local store and grab something new to have. Of course, check that pregnant women can have it first. You might be surprised, you may found a new love for something you didn’t like before or never knew you liked.

Bambi x 


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