I’m sure by this point in your pregnancy, you’ve already been told that ‘breast is best’ by your midwife or health worker. I know I have! What you have to remember, it’s your decision. You can do what you want! You make get your midwife looking down their noses at you or tutting at you for saying that you are not going to breastfeed but what you’ve got to remember is Breast feeding is not for everyone. Some women decide early on that it isn’t for them, some decide after birth and some women know all along that they want to breast feed. All of of these are fine, it doesn’t matter at what point you decide how to feed your baby because at the end of the day it is for YOU to decide no-one else!

If you follow my blogs, you will know that I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first child. So natuarally, I have been thinking about things over the past few weeks and deciding what is best for me and everyone around me.

I have decided to exclusively formula feed my baby…GASP! I have many different reasons for this decision and whilst I am aware that it is my decision I would like to them with you.

All my life, I have always said ‘I will always Breast Feed my baby’. Now, the time has come to decide…breast feeding just is not for me. I know this even before my baby is born.

  • I want my partner/family to be able to feed the baby
  • I think pumping will be to time consuming.
  • I don’t want have to be careful about what I eat or drink

Some people may think that my reasons are selfish and it centres all around me. A happy mum means a happy baby. If I am not happy with Breastfeeding, I am not going to do it. I know that I will end up turning to formula anyway and then I will end up with the feeling that I have failed in something that I did not want to do to start with.

Do not let anyone tell you what is right for your baby, do not tell anyone tell you that bottle feeding is wrong and do not let any health care professional make your feel guilty or less of a mother because you have decided to formula feed. It is your decision, not their’s and you will be taking that baby home, not them!  Who care’s if they tut at you or look down their nose at you. It.Is.Not.Their.Life!

Do what you want to do and be the mother you want to be. DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG, IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

Bambi x



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