So today, I turn 15 weeks pregnant. That means I only have 175 days left to go, when you put it like that its not very long at all!

This week, I have been feeling great! Well, better than weeks 11 and 12 so there is some improvement happening I’m sure! The only thing that I have noticed is that I have been tired but I’m only noticing that in the evenings so I can’t complain too much! Other than that, I am feeling good. The morning sickness has stopped but I have noticed another change over the past few days…heightened sense of smell. The good smells like a hot pork sandwich with gravy and stuffing are even better than it was before, I mean the good smells are absolutely bloody amazing. However, there is a downside to this pregnancy symtom…the bad smells. They are 10000x worse than ever before. I can’t even describe it. One day, I washed my sheets from our bed and they smelt fine but a day later I suddenly was able to smell everything again. Don’t worry, if you feel like you need to wash your sheets like 56 times a week. It’s just your heightened sense of smell but bloody hell bad smells are everywhere be warned!

Right, lets get to what is happening to our babies this week. They now are about 4 inches long and weigh about 2-2.5 ounces. That’s about the size of an apple! They will be able to breath in Amniotic Fluid which will help her lungs develop and get ready for living in the big wide world. Up until this point, your babies legs have been shorter or the same size of her arms but this week that all changes. Her legs are now longer than her arms, they now look like a tiny little human with a lot more growing to do. Also, if you have an ultrasound this week. They will be able to see what sex your baby is, prince or princess! Of course, that depends if you want to know and if the baby is in a good position.

If this is your first baby, you will be able to notice a rounder stomach in the coming weeks. I have only just started to develop a bump. I did some research into this and I found like because it’s my first baby, my stomach muscles are still strong as they have never stretched before so it takes longer for your bump to become noticable. Something that they never mention that you could get at this early stage in pregnancy, sore muscles around this hips. For about a week now, I have had a pain in my hip that feels like my skin is stretching but their isn’t enough skin there. God, it hurts! All part of becoming a Mummy. But their is a good thing that you can look forward to over the next few weeks. Between now and 20 weeks you are likely to feel your baby move for the first time. They have been moving round in their for a while now but it will get stronger. You should start counting the baby’s movements and following the Count the Kick Camapign (Link Below). At the moment, it won’t be strong enough for your partner to feel it but they will get stronger soon. So, if you feel a little butterfly like flutter in you belly. Your baby already wants to say hello to their Momma.

Useful Link:

http://www.kickscount.org.uk/ – they also have an app you can download in the PlayStore.

I hope you have an enjoyable week being pregnant and I will be back next week with the 16 week update of our pregnancies.

See You All Soon,

Bambi x



3 thoughts on “15 Weeks Pregnant and feeling great!

  1. I love this post so much! I am pregnant for the first time, still in my first trimester, how did you calm the nausea and sickness (if you dont mind me asking?) Please feel free to look at my pregnancy post and comment some advice, I need all the help I can get;) Keep enjoying the excitement and new experiences! Happy blogging and reading! x

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