When you find out that you are pregnant, you are normally around 4 weeks pregnant. The next few weeks will be filled with hormones, hormones and more hormones! Women who have never been pregnant, may look at the experience with rose tinted glasses on and think it is the best thing that could ever happen to a woman. Before, I was pregnant I thought that hormones will not affect me and I won’t be difficult when I’m pregnant.

I was wrong…very wrong.

It all happened, everything they tell you, all the symtoms, they happened. I was Motherzilla till at least the 12th week of pregnancy and maybe a few weeks after that too but do not worry it will pass. You may need to assure your partner that it will pass too!

Many women will not know that they are pregnant in the early weeks of pregnancy. However, it is likely that a women will discover that they are pregnant between 4 and 6 weeks pregnant.

At 4 weeks pregnant, your baby doesn’t even look like a baby yet. They are less then 3mm long and about the size of a very small seed. However, they are still divided into 3 sections that will later form into your baby. These are; Brain and Central Nervous System, Heart and Circulatory and Lungs and Intestines. Your body has been working very hard since conception to make these thing happen and you have been none the wiser as you have likely not experienced any symtoms relating to pregnancy yet. But, if you are at this point in pregnancy and you are worrying that you do not have any symtoms. Do not wish them to come sooner, they will come in their own time and you will be wishing them away by the end of the 11th week.

Just two weeks later, at 6 weeks a lot has happened within your body.The facial features of your baby have started to take shape and over the next 8 months they will continue to develop into a lovely little baby, that will more than likely look exactly like their father. I had a ultra sound at 6 weeks to make sure that everything was OK. We couldn’t actually see anything, expect this tiny little flicker on the screen. It was our baby’s heartbeat and it was coming from something the size of a lentil that was so small it just looked like a bump in my womb rather then the baby that it was going to turn into. The heartbeat was beating very, very fast between 100- 160 times per minute. That is nearly twice as fast as yours. Guess what, blood is starting to pump though your baby.

Around week 7, was when I started getting morning sickness. Luckily for me, I only got morning sickness in the actual morning. I have a few pieces of advice that I found worked for me during the next few weeks of pregnancy. Firstly, when you wake up do not think that is a good idea to drink a glass of milk if you have MS. I learnt the hard way that milk curdles in your stomach. Secondly, ginger snaps keep them at hand. They will stop you feeling as sick and they are a nice treat too.Thirdly, make sure you have an afternoon nap or two. These were a life saver at this point in pregnancy, your body is doing so much that you need more sleep. Finally, if you do not like the sleep on your left side take the next few weeks to get used to it. When you turn 20 weeks, you will need to sleep on the left side since it is better for your baby. I personally hate sleeping on my left side but it has become easier since I have been trying to get used to it.

Every week, new things happen to your baby and your body. 8 weeks marks a very big visit for you, you should have your first midwife appointment this week. In this appointment, your midwife will go though your Maternity Booklet and ask you questions in order to get the information for when you give birth in many months time. You will have your blood pressure, weight and height taken so that they can monitor properly over the coming months. They will also speak to your about screenings, they will screen for Down’s, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndrome. If you opt to have the screening the sonographer at your 12 week scan will measure the fluid at the back of your baby’s neck and enter it into the computer. The computer will then say whether you are low or high risk for the birth defects that they have tested for. If it is, high risk they will offer you a diagnostic test to find out if certian if your baby has any of the conditions.This is the only way you will know for certian. What you must remember, it that all the tests that they offer you are not mandatory! You do not have to have them. It is for you and your partner to decide, no-one else. You will also have all your Bounty and Emma’s diary magazines along with your blood test form which they advise you to have when you turn 10 weeks pregnant.

At 10 weeks pregnant, your baby is just over a inch in length and doesn’t even weigh a quarter of an ounce. All your baby’s organs are now formed, all they need to do now is get bigger before the end of your pregnancy. Your baby now has little fingers and toe and will soon develop fingerprints. The only thing that is unusual, is that your baby has transluent skin but rest assured this will change by the time you give birth. The head still seems massive compared to the body but this is perfectly normal. The body just has a little bit of catching up to.

12 weeks, something amazing will happen this week. It is likely that around a month ago, you recieved a letter saying that they had made an appointment for an ultrasound. However, it may not take place exactly on 12 weeks. It could be the week before or after. One thing to remember, you need to have a uncomfortably full bladder to ensure that the sonographer can get a good image of your baby. Just be warned, they will press on your bladder and you will more than likely feel like you are going to wet yourself at some point during the scan. Your baby will appear on the screen and you will forget about the fact you are about to wet yourself. You will consentate purly on your baby that is on the screen. You might see them move or they might be in a werid position but it’s all stories for when they are born. They will measure your baby and input the measurements into the computer. The sonographer will give you an exact due date which may differ from what your midwife told you. If your due date changes, don’t worry it is only an estimate after all.

Once you hit 12 weeks, you will want to tell everyone and buy all the clothes that every baby will need. Please remember, do what you want to do. It does not matter what other people think, if they think it will tempt fate or its far to early to tell people. It is your life and your baby. You can tell people and buy as many baby things as you want, when you want!

Thank You for reading and I would love to read your experiences or comments on the blog.

Bambi x







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