I never thought myself to be superstitious but this week has been different. For some reason, I have refused to say 13 weeks pregnant to anyone. For some reason, my subconcious seems to think that it is bad luck to say it aloud. So rather then saying 13 weeks, I prefer to say nearly 14 weeks. Simple things like this, make my baby brain feel better about it.

Well the weeks are really rolling along now, I found out that I was pregnant 9 weeks ago and that still feels like yesterday. I have noticed some changes to my body and mind over the past few weeks. Also, this is the last week of your first trimester. Not only does that mean that you will be in your second trimester, it also means that miscarridge risk has dropped dramatically which is nice to know.

The things I have noticed this week is, the lack of symtoms. I mean, seriously, I kind of miss the.Well not miss the symtoms could honestly, we could all do without being sick in a sink every morning because you do not have time to get to the toilet. What I miss is that the symtoms were like a reminder that my baby was there. However, there is something else forming that is still reminding me that I am in fact 13 weeks pregnant (I don’t even like typing it) there is a slight bump forming. If you know that I am pregnant, you can see a tiny bump but luckily not everyone can tell. The biggest change that I have noticed this week, is baby brain. Yes, it is a thing. I now forget where I have put things, what I am doing and I’ve even forgotten appointments which is something that I never did before. Baby brain is horrible because I just can not remember anything and I get upset when I am confused because I can not remember. Well, its either because I can’t remember or the fact that I am pregnant. Maybe it’s a mixture of both, making a super feeling of doubt!

Let’s talk about our babies and what is happening in our wombs.

Fingerprints have formed on your babies fingers which means that they now have their own identity when they are born. How cool this that! Like I have mentioned in a previous blog, there skin is tranparent and if you could look  inside your stomach you’d be able to see everything though your baby. At now nearly 3 inches in length, your baby is getting bigger and bigger by the week! They now nearly weigh an whole ounce! The weird thing is that if your baby is a girl, she now has 2 million eggs in her ovaries.

I know its very hard to get the recommended daily amount in everything that they tell you too. No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to do it. What you have to remember is, do your best. That is all everyone will ever ask of you. What I try to do is avoid alcohol and cut out the cigarettes. As far as food is concerned, try to get as healthly as possible. Just because we’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean that we have forgotten everything that we have been told our entire life.

Something’s that the health care proffesionals tell you to do, is just not possible. I do try to implement all of them but we are only human. As long as you are not doing anything that will directly affect your baby and you are eating enough per day. You are doing just fine, believe me.

Like I say at the end of everyone of my blogs, it does not matter what people say. Follow your instincts, they are there to help you! Do what you think is best, do what you want and more importantly enjoy your pregnancy, it will be over before you know. According to Health Care Proffesionals, we are getting to ‘the good bit’ of pregnancy.

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Bambi x


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