Who really knows what’s out there? No-one. Over many years, we have progressed so much but still we will never be able to progress further into the universe. The universe is so so large, we will never be able to explore it all and find out what is actually out there. For example, there is a chance that there is another planet that has life on it. They may even wonder whether they is life other then them out there. The truth is no-one will ever know unless we progress quite dramatically in the next few years.

However, I have been doing some research and I found some interesting stories about ‘aliens’.

There is a theory called the Roswell UFO incident. This stems from that in 1947 the Roswell RAF air based issued a statement saying that they had found a ‘mysterious metal disk’ nearby on a ranch. However, they changed what the statement said when the press became interested. Stating that in fact it was the remains of a water balloon. This story stuck and for many years, people have been trying to find out what actually happened. Whatever, they found that night most possibly could not sustain human life. This is likely why they became so interested in it. But, if it could not have sustained human life, does it mean it is Alien? Yes, it was a UFO (Unidentified flying object). That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t  have come from another country. Could it be possible that they knew it wasn’t alien but they changed their statement because they didn’t need the publicity for something like this and didn’t want people using it as a theory? Yes.

Area 51 is known worldwide as an American military base. However because of the high security around it, it has set people’s brains running. Yes, it is closely guarded. Yes, trespassers will be shot. Yes, there is a large no fly zone around the base. But, does all this mean that they are aliens there or they have alien technology there, no! People have been saying that it is a vast government cover up but there is a much more possible explanation for the theories that cover Area 51. My theory is that  because of all the films that include Area 51 as a Alien site. In all of the film, the person playing the president always takes them there and says its top secret. Its just put idea’s in people’s heads and people have run with them and tried to turn them into reality. Yes, it’s nice to have something that you believe in. But believing in a American base which hold aliens and tells nobody but lets people make films about it is a bit far-fetched.

Project Blue Book:

The US government has not released much information surrounding Project Blue Book. It was an scheme that the US government started to try catalog and examine alleged alien contact, visits, and UFO’s reported to them. The project lasted for many years and they did look into everything that was reported to them. They came to the conclusion that no substantial evidence that these incidents were the result of alien visits.

Of course, this did not stop people saying that it was a massive government cover up. Stating that our knowledge of the Blue Book was a cover up so they could hide the aliens from us.

There is also a theory that Men in Black actually exist, people have even stated that they have seen them and they have evidence to prove it such as smashed cameras and bruises. Going back to my earlier point about films, Men in Black is a film. If people like that actually existed, they would not have made a film about it, telling everyone all of there top secrets as a smoke screen.

Lets look at this logically. The theories basically state that the government have captured all the aliens and they are conducting tests on them. Are people seriously saying that a alien came down to earth and went straight to the people in charge and got captured. Surely, they wouldn’t go straight to them as they would have no knowledge of them and they would just come down in a random place. If by some miracle this actually happened, why would the aliens keep sending their selves to get captured, this seems a little stupid of them.

The theory about all the world leaders being replaced with reptiles. I think that this a person who has watched to much Doctor Who. This appeared on an episode many years ago and it took place in Downing Street. The amount of paranoia in this theory is unbelievable. People need to stop trying to make what they see on TV a reality and live their life without coming out with mental facts about what they think is happening in the word and focus on their own life.

After, talking about the theories that are going about the world like wildfire. I have come to one conclusion, people need to stop believing everything they see on TV. We live in a world where no-one believes what the news is telling us but everyone believes Men in Black and Doctor Who! I think people need to remember when they watch shows such as these, there is someone, somewhere  with a pen. Writing down words on paper, creating a believable script so that they can entertain the nation, not start theories. These shows are created for the entertainment purposes only, nothing that do is meant to be taken literally or they think the topics that they are writing about will actually happen.

Lets just believe that if anything happens that we need to know, that we effect our lives, the government will inform us of this. Until them, lets go about our daily lives not worrying about the Queen turning into a reptile or that two men in black suits are going to appear and erase your memory.

Thank You For Reading 🙂

Bambi x



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