Recently, I have come across a website and I just had to write a blog about it.

It’s called http://www.photoshop4ufree.com and that’s exactly what is is free! This website was launched in October of 2015 and they have done so many pictures in that time. Head over to their site and have a look.

Some of the work that is featured on their website shows; fire coming from behind, surrounded by lions, hanging upside down from a lamppost, in outta space, batman and people in Harry Potter.

All you do is send in a picture you wanted edited and a short description of what you want. They got back to me within the hour and my picture was ready the next day!

I am a bit of a Alice In Wonderland nerd so I asked for a picture of me dressed up as the Mad Hatter to be put into a Alice in Wonderland setting. And, I wasn’t disappointed! They even did me two different photos!

It was completely free! There was no hidden charge! Exactly what it said on the website!

You will not be left disappointed if you use this service! They are so friendly, understanding and talented!

If you have five minutes to look at this site, I urge you too! They are amazing!! http://www.photoshop4ufree.com/

Thank You For Reading! 🙂

Bambi x 🙂


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