Hello Readers,

Well, 2016 started today and now it’s time to look towards what will happen in 2016. I have done some research and I have found six predictions of what is likely to happen this year.

  1. Our voices will be heard! – This means that our voices as consumers will be heard. They reckon this will mainly happen with Smartphones. They have been slowly getting more technological over the past few years and because of this it means that they will get more complicated for a human being to use. Therefore, our voices will have to be heard because if they do not know what their consumers think about the product or in fact if they can use the product, it will more than likely mean that there sales will go down as a direct result of this. This year, we.will.be.heard!
  2. Facebook will add more features to both Facebook and Whats app. Most the people in the UK now have a Facebook account, therefore it is an ideal way for businesses to market their business at a low cost. This means that this year it is more likely that Facebook will add more features to allow them to address the gap in the market and build their company that little bit more. They may market inside their apps or on their messenger app but they will certainly make it their own if they do decide to go down this avenue.
  3. Mobile payments will become more popular! Like I mentioned in section 1, technology has boomed over the past year! We can now pay for things without even leaving our living room. This means because it is very quick and easy, more people will start to do this in the next year. You can now pay your gas bill on your mobile and many places offer a pay pal option at the check out now. Mobile phone payments will become more popular because of this. Also, next year these payments will be made easier so you spend more at stores online.

These are just some of the things that people think will happen during 2016 and looking at the data there is no reason why they shouldn’t!

Other things that will happen in the first half of 2016 are:

January – Taiwan will hold a general election and may elect their first female president.

February – The race for America’s 45th president begins. Pope Francis will visit Mexico and the Academy Awards take place in LA.

March – US begin to Auction Airwaves to provide a faster mobile connection.

April – The United Nations hold a signing ceremony foe the Paris Climate Record.

May – The Philippines elects a legislature and president, Scotland votes for members of its parliament, A law requiring plain cigarette packaging  takes effect in the U.K, G-7 leaders meet in Japan’s Mie Prefecture, home to the 2,000-year-old Ise Shrine and North Korea’s Workers Party holds congress.

June – U.S. Federal Reserve releases annual stress tests of the nation’s banks.U.S, Supreme Court session ends, with rulings expected on closely watched cases on affirmative action, immigration reform, abortion and voting rights, The U.K.’s referendum on leaving the European Union could come as early as mid-2016.

Thank You For Reading 🙂

Bambi x 🙂



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