Today in the news, there is a article about a couple who earn £100,000 a year between them and they say they cannot afford to have a baby.
Typically, a baby is said to cost around £250,000 to bring up from birth until the day they turn eighteen.
The main focus in this story was about the mother who refused to give up the nice things that she had become accustomed to.
Personally, I think this is very very selfish attitude to have when you are having a baby. You are meant to give things up and its okay to not look 100% every day. Society expects this from you.
f you are thinking about having a baby, why wouldn’t you want to go without for your child. The article stated that she wanted this baby for so long but she wasn’t prepared to give up anything for the child.
There are many women out there who are not lucky enough to be able to have a baby naturally and we have people like that who think it’s a god given right to be a parent.
I think before she writes her next article stating how she can’t afford a baby on £100,000 per year. She should think about people who have a baby when they have nothing and still give the baby everything.
People who care for a baby do not care if their hair is a mess, that they don’t look glam, that they have dry sick on their shoulder or the fact that they haven’t had the chance to shower for 3 days. All they care about is caring for the baby to the best of your ability. Baby first, Yourself Second!
Being middle class doesn’t mean anything these days like it used to so why get stuck in a stereotype saying what you should be doing. Selfish!
Thank You For Reading 🙂
Bambi x

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