Where: Any store that sells hair products.
Price: £1-£2
These bobbles have been on the market for quite a while now and I just had to try them out. They are different in appearance to other hair bobbles that I have used in the past. The appearace of them looks like a old phone wire that your parent’s probably used to have but do not let that deter you from buying them.
They slip around your hair so they do not cause any knots and they slip right out with a pull. Also, they do not break your hair like many other bobble’s do. If you are like me, you like having long hair but having it down annoys you but you don’t want to tie your hair up all of the time because you are fightened it will break you hair, these bobbles are for you. The price is affordable as well. What could be better?
Thank You For Reading! 🙂 Bambi x

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