Price: £9.99
Where: Boots
Verdict: AMAZING.
A few months ago Mark Hill brought out a brand new brush called the Wonderbrush. It.Is.Amazing. The brush is sphere is shape and its very very easy to use. The sphere brushes I have had in the past tend to get stuck in your hair very easily but this one just glides though like a dream.
I have natuarly wavy hair which tend to need to be straightened straight after a wash if I don’t want crazy hair.
I washed my hair and instead of drying and styling it straight away. I brushed it though whilst it was wet with the wonderbrush. It glided though wet hair, not pulling the hair and causing pain. I left it to dry natuarlly, occasionally brushing my hair though at different stages. I found that my hair dried straight, all down to the wonderful wonderbrush. A few days later, I dried my hair with a hairdyer and my wonderbrush and it gave the same straight hair affect.
It is amazing, so easy to use and offers you low effort straight hair in my case.
Thank You For Reading 🙂 Bambi x

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