As we all know the beauty industry is one of the biggest in the country. There are many many different brands and in people’s opinions some are better then others.
Over the past few years, I have had many different foundations. Getting many on introductory offers because its a great time to try something new for a reduced price.
However, over the years I have only ever found two different foundations that suit me and that I like. I personally like the matte finish and then add powder on top to set the foundation.
The two favourite foundations that I have are from two different brands rimmel and maybelline.
The first one is Superstay Better Skin by Maybelline. I first used this foundation when I was a teenager and I had quite bad skin. When I started using it, I had bad bad skin within a week it was starting to clear, two weeks my skin was complelely clear. This is my go to foundation when I have bad skin and want to wear make up but do not want to clog my pours. This foundation is normally £9.99 but it is currently on offer in Boots for £8.99.
My other favourite is by Rimmel. Its called match perfection. I find this foundation good because it is not so sticky that when you put powder on, most of the foundation comes off on your brush but not dry so the powder falls off your face. It offers enough to let the powder attached itself to your skin. This foundation is currently £7.99 in Boots. Please find a link in the next section.
Thank You For Reading! 🙂 Bambi x

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