Christmas is coming and all you parents out there are probably wondering what to get you children for Christmas because they since to be into everything and anything at the moment? I have complied a list of the top christmas presents for children and I have put a link in the next section leading you straight to the product. What could get better then that?
 – My Friend Freddy -£39.99
 – Real FX – £99.99
 – Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island – £79.99
 – Lego City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel – £79.99
 – Pie Face – £19.99
 – Chad Valley 3 Storey Summer Winter Dolls House £149.99
 – Barbie my Style House – £99.99
 – Minions Tumbling Stuart – £49.99

 – Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa – £39.99

 – Little Live Pets Birds Clever Keet – £59.99
 – Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Plays – £19.99
 – Nerf Modulus –  £59.99
 – VTech Toot Drivers Super RC Raceway – £99.99
There is so many presents to buy your children on this list and they are amazing as well. I wish they had some of these when I was a child.
Hope I Helped :).
Thank You For Reading! 🙂 Bambi x

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