Big Supermarkets VS Aldi.
As I am sure you are all aware there 4 major supermarkets that conduct their business within the United Kingdom. However, in the last couple of years Aldi has taken the market by storm being voted the favourite supermarket in the UK.
Let’s look into this deeper.
All the big supermarkets have kept the same prices for years on the majority of their products. Since, they introduced price match which shows you if your shopping would be cheaper else where. In reality, who looks at that and starts shopping at a new supermarket, not many! Many people do not change their behaviour based on price because they always shop at the same supermarket.
However, Aldi has taken the market by storm recently. They have a store everywhere and they are doing great.
Aldi has somehow managed to make people to change their habits.
I recently went to a major supermarket to get a few things. I brought 5 items and it came to nearly £10. That is an average of nearly £2 an item. Since, I am a creature of habit and I always eat the same things. I went to Aldi the next week. I brought virtually the same products and it came to under£5. Thats an average of £1 an item.
When you shop at a major supermarket, you can spend nearly £100 and have nothing to show for it. However, you can go to Aldi and spend £50 and have loads of food for the whole family.
Aldi do not sell many major brands but they always have another option for you to buy and because of this it is cheaper. Surely, it makes sense to go to Aldi have slightly different products and have a lot of food for the whole family. Instead of going to a major supermarket and having nothing to show for it.
Thank You For Reading! 🙂 Bambi x

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