Hello again, fabulous people!
Today, I have decided to look at lifestyle in more depth and look into the recommendations that the government give us in order to have the correct lifestyle in their eyes. However, the question is how many people actually follow the recommendations that are set by the government. I know I don’t and many people I know don’t take any notice of them either.
Recommended Daily Allowances:

• Men – No more than 3 – 4 units per day.
• Women – No more than 2 – 3 units per day.

• Men – Around 2500 Calories a day to maintain their weight.
• Women – Around 2000 Calories a day to maintain their weight.

• Men – About 13 cups is seen as adequate intake.
• Women – About 9 cups is seen as adequate intake.

• Biotin: 30
• Folate:400
• Vitamin A:600
• Vitamin B1:1.4mg
• Vitamin B2:1.6mg
• Vitamin B3: 18mg
• Vitamin B5:6mg
• Vitamin B6:2mg
• Vitamin B12:6
• Vitamin C:75mg
• Vitamin D:5
• Vitamin E: 10mg
• Vitamin K:80

• Boron: Under 20 mg
• Calcium: 1000 mg
• Chlorine: 3400 mg
• Chromium: 120
• Copper: 2 mg
• Fluorine: 3.5 mg
• Iodine: 150
• Iron: 15 mg
• Magnesium: 350 mg
• Manganese: 5 mg
• Molybdenum: 75
• Nickel: Under 1 mg
• Phosphorus: 1000mg
• Potassium: 3500 mg
• Selenium: 35
• Vanadium: Under 1.8 Mg
• Zinc:15 Mg

Above I have provided the recommended daily intake for everything from alcohol to minerals. The question I asked at the start was how many people follow their daily intake or even know what their daily intake is. Personally, I think most people know approximately what their daily alcohol and calorie intake should be but how many people know what their vitamin and mineral intake should be. My guess would be not many! Let’s face it your daily intake of vitamin and minerals is not as publicized as much as calories and alcohol are. I think that if we as a nation knew what our entire daily intake is, it is more likely that we would be a healthier nation. This is because we as consumers would be able to make an informed decision on what vitamins we should buy from the shops and which would do us any good.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon!
Bambi x


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