Andy The Simple!

I have recently found a YouTuber called Andy the Simple and I am obsessed with his videos and music!

Recently, he has been uploading more music to his YouTube channel. His genre is rap, hip-hop and trap. But, he can literally turn his hand to anything. Looking back at his past videos, he has other songs such as ‘say it back’ which was written for his son.

A little background information for you:

Andy the Simple is a YouTuber who is from a town called Stourbridge, which is based in the West Midlands. When he first started his YouTube channel, he did mainly vlogs with some music. The first Vlogs that were on the channel were of him and his partner, going to their 20 week scan, this then transformed into a series which ended when their son was born. After that, he went onto Vlogging about daily goings on and formed himself a fan base and a fast growing YouTube channel. After having a few months break, Andy took YouTube by force and made a comeback. This time, it was mainly focused on his own music with some Vlogs thrown in.

Since his comeback on the 20th of September, Andy has released songs such as Misery which was shared by a massive Facebook page. The song is beautifully written and it was released for Mental Health Awareness week. It is about depression and suicide, with the message being suicide doesn’t end the misery, it just passes it onto someone else. This song touched many people’s hearts, as it is a subject that needs to be spoken about more.

The songs that have been released so far are, Misery, I look better naked, Die tomorrow, Wasteman and Savage (Wanna Talk About It). Andy the Simple wrote each song from scratch and even made his own instrumental! This gives the music a personal feel, as you can feel how much effort and love he has put into his music.

Everyone who reads this blog, I want you to head on over to his YouTube channel and give one of his songs a listen, I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Give him a like, comment and subscribe to his channel! Lets help his channel grow even further!